I'm Cast In A TV Pilot!


Even though some days may still feel like summer, fall is in the air! I love the season change and I can’t wait to see the colors of the foliage, take a long hike, go apple picking and bundle up next to fire.

I’m excited to let you know I booked a role in a pilot “General Mess,” directed by David Garcia, written by Boas Gonen and produced by Between Pictures where I got to play a great role - a Russian opera singer with a neurological condition. I always care very deeply for each role I get to play and prep very thoroughly. For example, for this role I spoke to a doctor and interviewed someone who has such a neurological condition (apologizes I’m not allowed to be more specific), which was incredibly inspiring. I live my life from a place of gratitude, but even then it is essential to be reminded what a gift life is. I sincerely hope this pilot will be picked up and I get to share Lana’s story with all of you.

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Kristi Roosmaa