An Inspiring Spring and Pop Singing!


Look at those blossoms in the picture…you can almost feel how alive, energized, inspiring and captivating they are which is exactly how my last months have been!

After looking back at my prior updates, I realized that I haven’t spoken of the pop song “Here We Go Again” which I recorded last year. I had the honor to collaborate with Billboard Hot 100 chart composer Mark Barkan, Grammy nominated Bruce Foster and Mike Flannery. The song is written by talented songwriters Mark Barkan, Rob Preuss and Rene Veneziale and is available in all of the biggest music libraries such as iTunesSpotifyAmazon etc. If you like what you’re hearing, drop me an email and I’ll send you an iTunes gift card for full song download.

If you still haven’t seen Dave Malloy’s contemporary show “Ghost Quartet,” then next Monday is your last chance. Go and experience it because it is the coolest musical theater concept ever: there’s amazing music, whiskey drinking, and playing along with performers! Click here to find out more!


Kristi Roosmaa