Diploma for a piece of heaven!


I know it’s already close to the end of January, but I’m still going to say it — Happy New Year! May this year bring you lots of joy, new experiences, challenges and success in every aspect of your life!

This year, I sent off 2014 in -25 degree Fahrenheit weather in Lapland, which was definitely a new experience. It’s the coldest I’ve ever been in my entire life! But despite being frozen to the bone (it was so cold my eyelashes had a layer of frost on them), I enjoyed every second of being across the polar line surrounded by the most breathtaking views nature has to offer!

In the beginning of January, I received a huge surprise from the Estonian Ministry of Foreign Affairs — a thank you diploma for co-organizing the Arvo Pärt concert series in America last May. It was such an huge honor to be a part of this concert series, but I also feel humbled to be acknowledged for my efforts in such an amazing way.

Arvo Pärt is the most played living composer in the world, according to the largest classical event database Bachtrack, and there’s a reason for that— his music is divine. It’s like a piece of heaven on earth! Click here to discover more about his magnificent music I was able to experience and present this past year.

All the best wishes,

Kristi Roosmaa